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Capstone Industries

In 2008 Capstone Industries launched its first power failure product under the Eco-i-Lite sub brand. This new multi-function product used a lithium ion rechargeable battery and LED bulb technology to ensure reliability and long product life. With several million Eco-i-Lites having been sold, this proven technology has been expanded to seven new power failure applications as the line has grown into a category. Each product is engineered to turn on when the power goes out, providing consumers with needed protection against more frequent power outages. While being prepared for a power failure is extremely important, Capstone’s multi-functional products are equally valuable for day-to-day use as flashlights, work lights, night lights and decorative wall lighting.

Two of Capstone Industries latest product introductions are the beginning of a new Safety & Security category providing consumers with a higher level of privacy and protection. The Door Security Monitor and Motion Detector Light are ideal examples of product applications that provide solutions to improve everyday consumer security.