The NEW 3-in-1 Compact 6 LED Light providing power failure protection with the added value of a nightlight feature.

Power Failure Category

In 2008 Capstone developed and launched its first power failure product, the 6 LED Eco-i-lite Multi-Function LED light.  500,000 Americans lose electricity for approximately 2 hours every single day. (Extracted from Washington Monthly, November 2012)

The power failure category is an example of Capstone’s ability to recognize and capitalize on niche opportunities through advanced technology product solutions.  Capstone has a selection of product solutions that address consumer’s power failure needs with a strong, identifiable brand presence. Combined with a recent rebranding effort, it is Capstone’s objective to establish a clearly defined retail power failure destination for consumers.

A key selling point of Capstone’s Power Failure products is the ability for retailers to sell multiple power failure products to individual consumers over time.  This opportunity is primarily due to a unique selection of solutions that have multiple applications throughout the home.  Multi-function product applications range from flashlights, work lights, night lights to a decorative wall sconce.  A floor plan with suggested applications is a central theme in communicating this idea visually to consumers at retail.



Safety & Security (Motion Activation)

Capstone has expanded its product portfolio addressing the need for improved safety and security product applications for consumer’s everyday life.  Capstone’s first products, Battery Powered Wireless Motion Detector Lights are gaining traction at retail. Similar to power failure, Capstone’s aim is to build upon niche opportunities that exist to develop and apply advanced technology products within a growing category. The company believes that personal safety is a growing area of consumer concern as economic and social issues continue to be prevalent in the world around us.