Power Failure Products

Capstone’s Power Failure Solutions are powered by advanced technology rechargeable batteries and LED bulbs that never need replacing. The products employ a stylish industrial design approach, separating them from many other off-the-shelf imported products. Capstone’s signature power failure feature is engineered with proprietary circuitry that allows its products to turn on when the power goes out.  When not protecting consumers in a power failure situation, the products have various multi-function applications such as becoming a flashlight, work light, nightlight or decorative sconce light. Product price points are targeted at key consumer/ retailer thresholds, using a competitive, value added pricing strategy. As global warming, accidental human error and the aging of the power grid continue to escalate and create more power outages, more often, the company believes that consumers and retailers alike will be more proactive in power failure preparedness.  The latest addition to this product portfolio is Capstone’s Power Failure Bulb incorporating CPC technology, patented on August 23, 2016.



Safety & Security Products

Capstone’s Safety & Security products address a need for simple, affordable and effective security lighting devices.  The company believes that many people are leaving themselves open to certain risks in and around their homes or while traveling. Capstone’s current security products include a wireless motion detectors that automatically light up interior or exterior areas when the motion sensor is triggered.  As with Power Failure, Capstone is strategically committed to developing an innovative line of security solutions that address today’s and tomorrow’s challenges for personal / family security and safety.