Capstone Companies, Inc. Announces Record Preliminary 2015 Revenue


February 17, 2016


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Strong first quarter 2016 revenue expectation of $1.6 million from better-than-expected backlog driven by strong end-user demand for new products

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL, February 17, 2016Capstone Companies, Inc. (OTC: CAPC) (“Capstone” or the “Company”), a designer of innovative LED lighting solutions including power failure lighting, today announced record preliminary revenue of $15.6 million for 2015.  Preliminary results were higher than the Company’s previous expectation of $15.5 million in revenue.  Fourth quarter revenue of $6.9 million was driven by holiday re-order activity.    

First quarter 2016 revenue is expected to be $1.6 million, measurably higher than the Company’s expected year-end backlog of $1.0 million, representing significant year-over-year growth.  Due to seasonality related to the holiday season, the first quarter typically has lower volume than the trailing fourth quarter.  

Stewart Wallach, President and CEO of Capstone, commented, “Our sales growth validates our international expansion and new product development strategies.  Capstone LED lighting products are now available on four continents and we are excited by the growing interest we are realizing in international markets.  With the solid backlog we have starting 2016, we believe we can now demonstrate a streak of quarterly revenue growth.”

He added, “Through continuous expansion of our product lines and our ability to rapidly scale up our manufacturing to serve growing customer demand, Capstone is positioned to become a prominent player in the lighting industry while selling our familiar Capstone Lighting®products as well as our new line of LED lighting products under the exclusive N.A. trademark license for the HooverÒHOME LED brand.”

The company anticipates reporting its 2015 fourth quarter and full year results on Wednesday, March 23, 2016.

About Capstone Companies, Inc.
Capstone Companies, Inc. is a public holding company that engages, through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Capstone Industries, Inc., Capstone Lighting Technologies, LLC, and Capstone International HK, Ltd., in the development, manufacturing, logistics, and distribution of consumer and institutional products, including the Hoover® HOME LED lighting product line, to accounts throughout North America and in international markets.  See for more information about the Company and for information on our current product offerings.


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