Our corporate mission is to develop and maintain positions of innovation and technical leadership by continually introducing new ideas and concepts to our consumer product categories, while maintaining competitive value pricing.  Leveraging our product successes and expanding sales channels is key as our brands continue to gain traction at retail by merchandisers, buyers and consumers.  Toward that end, the company completed a re-branding effort for its Capstone branded product that enhances its image further and is more reflective of its unique product innovations and technology advancements.

In 2012 the Company executed a strategy to further nourish the company’s product development endeavors.  The company made an investment in AC Kinetics, Inc., to confidentially explore and develop certain inventive concepts the company has conceived. These concepts are typically very complex and will yield intellectual property which will further distance the companies’ products from off–the-shelf products commonly marketed at retail. (Read more about AC Kinetics)

The company plans to maximize its proprietary technologies through select licensing arrangements and considers selective acquisitions or investments in businesses with superior technology / product development capabilities – or that could benefit from our leadership capabilities and strategic direction.