Global Sourcing



Capstone International HK

The Hong Kong based Capstone International HK subsidiary has been expanded to provide a broad suite of sourcing services to include project and logistics management. While being the main provider of these services to Capstone Industries, the company believes that its overseas relationships can be leveraged to serve a broader client base. The expansion includes a focus on quality control, product development /engineering and manufacturing to encompass packaging and printing. A sourcing partner is an invaluable asset to many companies lacking production expertise or manufacturing relationships in the Pacific Rim area. This is especially true for product manufacturing that must be
produced cost effectively within rigid quality specification standards.

Beyond sourcing, Capstone International HK is in an envious position to independently identify, develop and market emerging products and technologies internationally. These opportunities can reach fruition through partnerships,
licensing arrangements or independently developed through internal resources, leading to expanded product offerings
and sales in the Asian and European markets in addition to new channels within the Americas. Larry Sloven will be leading the International HK business unit, having resided in this region for 20 plus years mastering the skills of business development, relationship building and the cultural communication nuances of the surrounding Asian markets.