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  • Capstone Companies has strengthened its relationship with AC Kinetics by taking a financial stake in the advanced technology development company, creating pathways for new product development and access to proprietary technologies...

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  • Capstone Companies subsidiary, Capstone International HK expands its operations to include turnkey sourcing for independent companies on a global basis. Based on long-term sourcing relationships throughout China, Capstone broadens its global service offerings...

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  • Capstone Companies subsidiary, Capstone Industries continues to add new products to its growing family of Power Failure and Security brands. Capstone was early to envision and pioneer products for the emerging storm preparedness and emergency lighting category...

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Capstone Companies is proud to announce the launch of its newly designed Capstone Connected Home pre-sale website introducing the first connected surfaces smart home device, a Smart Mirror. Like a smart phone, the Capstone Connected Smart Mirror will perform the functions of a tablet, with both touchscreen and voice interfacing, internet access and an operating system capable of running downloadable applications.
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