Consumer inspired products that bridge
technological innovations with today’s lifestyles.


Capstone Companies, Inc. (CAPC) is a public holding company organized under the laws of the State of Florida. The company is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of consumer inspired products that bridge technological innovations. The company has global distribution including Australia, Iceland, Japan, Korea, Mexico, North America, South America, Spain, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. The company has a history of exploiting technologies in areas of induction charging, power failure control, security and home LED lighting products and most recently has entered the electronics market with its introduction of Capstone’s Smart Mirrors.

CAPC Corporation seeks to deliver strong, consistent business results and superior shareholder returns by providing consumers on a global basis with unique products that creatively serve their needs affordably.

The company oversees the manufacturing of its products, which are currently all made in the Pacific Rim by contracted OEM manufacturers, through its two wholly owned operating subsidiaries; (a) Capstone Industries, Inc., a Florida corporation organized in 1997 and acquired on September 13, 2006 (“Capstone”) (b) Capstone International Hong Kong Limited (“Capstone HK”).


Capstone Subsidiaries

Capstone Industries

Capstone International Hong Kong


Capstone’s expansive market presence over the past decade, is the direct result of leveraging the Company’s strengths in bridging
innovation and affordability in its product lines.

LED Lighting

Capstone was an early market leader in lower cost LED lighting solutions and the Company continues to focus on innovative LED products while expanding their product line in the Smart Home category.

Smart Mirror Collection

Like a mobile phone, the Capstone Smart Mirror will perform the functions of a tablet, with both, touch screen and voice interfacing, internet access and an operating system capable of running downloadable applications.

The Company’s goal is to successfully break the tether to one’s phone or tablet while maintaining access to important content in
a new and unique form factor.